What a beautiful girl, so young and fair,
Naive and her innocence, beyond compare.
I remember my own youth, like yesterday,
A time that swiftly slipped away.
Then I learn about a young mum that’s gone, so full of love,
She watches her little ones now from the skies above.
Sadness fills my heart, it’s true,
Her story tugs my heartstrings too.
Yet gratitude does fill my soul,
For all the years that made me whole.
To raise our kids, a joy profound,
And grandkids’ laughter all around.
Youth’s a gift, a fleeting song,
Cherish it, for it might not last long.
Tread with care, respect each day,
For tomorrow’s promise may not stay.
Category Painting > Mixed-media painting
Subject People and portraits
Substrate Canvas
Materials Mixed media, on canvas
Style Naive
Dimensions 61 x 91 x 4 cm (unframed) / 61 x 91 cm (actual image size)
Framing Ready to hang


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