Time No2: …we are just visitors

Category Painting > Mixed-media painting
Subject People and portraits
Substrate Canvas
Materials Oil on canvas with a wooden frame
Style Impressionistic
Dimensions 91 x 61 x 3.5 cm (unframed)
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We are just visitors on this earth

Every day we are bombarded with the global death toll
And confronted with mortality as a whole
In the beginning it gripped you with fear
For your loved ones, so dear
Then it dawns on you it could be you,
You work through it, and it’s ok
Then again the thoughts of dying alone
The process starts again
Ok, alone, it is ok
So we should live in full today, make the most of being close although distancing, today.
As the levelling process goes on
You remember things of long gone.
Hugs and kisses
Coffee with a friend
Helping someone on the mend
Holidays and trips
Appreciation for family, friends and privileges you enjoyed make you torn between here and gone.
And then the thoughts of – what is my legacy?
What is my footprint?
And the realisation of being just a mere visitor on this earth
That we always were, but are confronted with it now, like never before.
Shaken at the core, visitor of the earth, what do you leave behind?
My hope is
— it would be kind.

Made with love and care to detail under lockdown that suits me fine as an artist.
Take care and be safe


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