Time for the Earth to Heal

Category Painting > Mixed-media painting
Subject Animals and birds
Substrate Canvas
Materials Mixed media on stretched canvas on wooden frame
Style Impressionistic
Dimensions 61 x 61 x 3 cm (unframed)


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Time for the Earth to Heal
Mother seagull is talking serious today
Around her neck is a clock to say
Time – dear little ones. It is Time!
Time for us to stop.
The earth has been begging for so long
Stop stop and listen
Stop stop and see
Stop stop and feel
Stop stop and smell
No one was listening to the earth’s bell
No one heard the Earth sighing and gasping
Limping and blasting
It was too much!
Something was about to give
So little ones we, and mankind, we are forced to stop and help earth to breathe again.
Earth wants to smile again
Earth and man needs to get its balance again
So much sadness when everyone is wounded in the process
but so much
Life and peace and joy, kindness and love to follow
How can we know joy if we don’t know sadness.
Earth we are so sorry for not listening to your heart losing it’s rythm
May we tread more careful in future and stay tuned to your quest
for balance and beauty.
Earth may you heal soon
Created with care to detail and focus on our lock down situation.
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