Time 4: …we will sing together again. The Lockdown Singers

Category Painting > Oil painting
Subject People and portraits
Substrate Canvas
Materials Oil on canvas
Style Naive
Dimensions 50 x 75 x 1.2 cm (unframed)
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Time 4: … we will sing together again.
The Lockdown singers

The Lockdown singers are singing
While the doomsday clock is ticking
The world is in a state
And Covid-19 dictate
Thursday nights are clapping time
For NHS who is doing a job so fine
Who would have ever known
We would have to sing and dance in 2020, on our own
Stay at home to keep us safe
A mantra to embrace
And keep us in place
Leave the fight for the brave
Travel is forbidden
So next is organising
and finding
forgotten treasures hidden
Sleep is at last enough, life is slower
Celebrities’ have no status
And bragging is over
All needs less apparatus
So life is not so bad
so please don’t be sad.
All will be ok and we will sing side by side again.

Varnished, sides painted and ready to dispatch.


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