The Song Spread all over the World

Covid-19 magical disappearance through a song. Woman and a Violin


The Song Spread all over the World
The magic sounds from the violin changed from Pizzicato to a soothing happy staccato
People all over the world saw the magic birds flying away with masks and the vigorous virus followed.
Spontaneously children started to dance in the streets.
Songs aroused in the air and old and young started to dare to the outside world
The mood changed in and instant and joy became jubilant
Explosions of optimism erupt
‘All is over!’ some shouted
Others asked in amazement ‘How did it come about?’
‘Just the music, love and faith’
A magic voice whispered and then there was silence.
The birds were gone
The music was gone
But joy stayed tangible
And laughter became so irresistible
All had a dizzying effect flowing over the world like a soothing cotton wool
on the wounded hearts of those whose lost ones departed
Life and history would never be the same!
May love for each other be to gain.

Ready to dispatch. Sides painted and Varnished
Category Painting > Oil painting
Subject Architecture and cityscapes
Substrate Canvas
Materials Oil and Acrylic on canvas supported on wooden stretcher
Style Naive
Dimensions 75 x 100 x 1.2 cm (unframed)
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