The Seasons of Life (SOLD)

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Seasons of Life

Life is a bit like seasons, you know? Sometimes we’re like trees in winter, dealing with pain, confusion, and heartache as we struggle with our inner self. It lingers, bites, eases up, and makes a comeback. But, give it some time, and pain and heartache take a back seat, confusion gives way to clarity. Life bounces back, and suddenly, you’re seeing and feeling colours again. You can smell life, feel alive, and hope becomes part of your being. It’s like spring has exploded in every inch of your body. How awesome is that?
Then, boom! It’s summer. Your body craves the warmth, comfort, and just cruising through life without a care. You feel complete, at peace. Life’s no longer this doom-and-gloom forecast.
Now, onto the next chapter – autumn. Time to take stock, reflect on what you’ve got, and look ahead. Whatever life throws at you, you’re ready. You’ve aced all the seasons, right?
Life and time are these incredible gifts. So, you out there, enjoy every season that comes your way!
#acrylic #seasons
W 106 x H58cm


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