The Footsteps of Vincent

Mixed Media painting


In the footsteps of Vincent I tread,
Amsterdam’s allure fills my head.
My favourite artist, his world so bright,
Yet shadows lurked, deep in his plight.
The colourful realm of Van Gogh’s art,
A mirror to his soul, a tender heart.
Amsterdam’s hues, its quirky abodes,
Where boats of all sizes line the roads.
In this vibrant city, lives Vincent’s ghost,
His presence felt, his spirit engrossed.
His paintings, a symphony of hue,
Brushstrokes we cherish, his mastery so true.
Like an addict yearning for the next high,
I long for Amsterdam, I can’t deny.
For in its streets, I sense his grace,
A longing deep, I can’t efface.
So if I could meet Vincent on the other side
I will book a lesson or two
to his rules I will abide.

Category Painting > Mixed-media painting
Subject Architecture and cityscapes
Substrate Canvas
Materials Mixed Media
Style Impressionistic
Dimensions 51 x 76 x 2 cm (unframed) / 51 x 76 cm (actual image size)
Framing Ready to hang
Shipping Contact me for best rate
Dispatch Time 5 working days from United Kingdom


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