The Cool Cats (SOLD)


The Cool Cats
We, the coolest cats of high renown,
Strut all over town.
How can we ever be down?
We leap with boundless glee, moves so sly,
For everyone to see, in the feline sky.
In the world of feline fancy, we’re the truest joy.
Soon we smell a grand delight, a fishy feast in sight.
As cats, we’ve figured it out, no need for a flight.
We purr and munch, it’s quite a lunch,
Life with no ballyhoo, that’s what we do.
Egocentric? Maybe a smidge, but charming through and through.
Daytime, in the sun’s warm hug, we doze and softly snore.
At night, our starry rendezvous, slipping through moonlit doors.
Landlords and landladies, in dreamland they roam,
From them, no command, for we’re the coolest cats and scare every rat.

Category Painting > Mixed-media painting
Subject Animals and birds
Substrate Canvas
Materials Mixed media, acrylic on canvas
Style Naive
Dimensions 60 x 120 x 3 cm (unframed) / 60 x 120 cm (actual image size)
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