The Conversation of the Trees (SOLD) Commission


The conversation of the Trees

In the darkness we stand
Upright and firm, so grand.
Our branches are stiff like old men’s fingers
And we hope the winter would not linger.
The tranquillity of the water is our friend
And another, is moon, with its own trend.
How we love the moon to visit and take us from darkness in the night
To unveil us in its light.
We all feel like dancing
in the glorious light
But can you imagine the creaking
Oh what a sight!
The trees giggles and sigh with a whoosh,
Spring will make us loose
Then our branches will be soft and colourful again,
decorated with leaves and blossoms as if coloured with a pen.
We will welcome humans at our ‘bottoms.’
Listening silently to their sorrows
And stories that follow.
Year after year this is on repeat
Onwards we will see where the future leads.
So trees can talk. Did you know?

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Category Painting > Mixed-media painting
Subject Landscapes, sea and sky
Substrate Canvas
Materials Canvas
Style Impressionistic
Dimensions 89 x 88 x 0.02 cm (unframed) / 89 x 88 cm (actual image size)
Shipping Profile Rolled tube large


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