I need to see you naked … 2020 (SOLD)

Materials used:


Artwork description:

I need to see you naked…

As I reinvented this lady

Thoughts of youth and age sprang to mind

And I thought of how time fly

Then Leonard Cohen

Sing on my echo dot, 

about love and dreams 

Like Yesterday you were young

You didn’t mind to be seen naked in body and thought -liked Leonard sing. 

He make you wish to go back in years and feel all the feelings of love and laughter as deep and exciting it was then. 

And then he sings ‘there is no cure for love’ and how glad I am that there is no cure. 

As love is so tolerant and forgiving, without prejudice. 

So today I wish I could spread love to our world who needs it so much. 

I need to see you naked-  is done with mixed media and Acrylic and oil. I used a deep edged canvas on a stretcher. I used acrylic and oil paints plus gesso to create a sweet and simple image with brush strokes and palet knife. Sides painted paynes grey and painting is ready to be dispatched with an authenticity certificate.

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