Fur Elise

Category Painting > Oil painting
Subject People and portraits
Substrate Canvas
Materials Oil painting on canvas supported by wooden frame
Style Impressionistic
Dimensions 75 x 100 x 1.2 cm (unframed)
Framing Ready to hang
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Fur Elise

This painting of a young women thinking hard and deep made me also to think
My mind almost scattered I thought.
The roses made me think of my mum
Who is not here anymore for many years
How she loved flowers in particular roses.
When she became ill,
she asked me to buy her best friend a rose bush to remind her of my mum when it blooms.
Then in the now I am thinking of my sweet little granddaughter who just loves butterflies and rainbow colours.
Who is my cheeky art critic at the age of six. I always loves to hear her ideas and comments.
Also she made it clear that she does not like brown and once changed the eyebrows on a painting to blue while I was not noticing. When I asked her why she said she only likes rainbow colours and the brown eye brows wasn’t nice.
She saw this painting and said she loves her hair as it reminds her of Elsa.
So for sure this painting I call after her : Fur Elise


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