Dreamy Shores (2018) SOLD


Artwork description:

An acrylic and mixed media painting.

Dreamy Shores
I woke up with hope in my heart
Hope for a blue sky and and a friendly sun
I threw the curtains open.
My heart is broken!
A greyer than grey sky is looking in from outside my window. The clouds are so thick that it looks like monsters with puffed up cheeks.
I wanted to cry
Where is my beloved blue sky and warm welcoming friendly sun?
My shoulders fell forward and my feet drag me back to bed. I pull the sheets over my head.
I dream
A lovely dream of a place with blue skies and a warm sun.
Of boat people having fun.
Friendly houses that share their warmth.
blue waters that make you wish for your palett and paint.
In my dreams I conquer the grey skies and replace it with the bluest of blue sky.
And when I woke again I was refreshed as I was a guest of
Positano, a dreamy shore.

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