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That morning I woke up and forget it is your birthday
I didn’t want to think it is your birthday because I knew it would be your last birthday with us in this life.
You looked at me and your eyes were hurting. You forgot: ‘she said’… in a soft voice.
I made a joke to hide my true feelings and said ‘happy birthday’ but I didn’t mean it, because I could not think how to make it a happy day.
It is now already years ago and I still regret that we didn’t celebrate that day.
That I was just thinking of my pain that she will be gone soon.
I am determined to change that one day.
In heaven we will again celebrate that 84th birthday
We are going to dance and sing and tell stories
Hugs and kisses
And a painting I will make you
And all will be glorious.
Love you still so much!

Varnished sides painted and ready to dispatch

Category Painting > Acrylic painting
Subject People and portraits
Substrate Canvas
Materials Canvas and Acrylic
Style Naive
Dimensions 76.2 x 101.6 x 3.81 cm (unframed)
Framing Ready to hang
Shipping Profile Canvases 100cmx75cm
Dispatch Time 5 working days from United Kingdom


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