Daisies in the Room (2020)


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Artwork description:

Oh humble home ….
Within your ambience, I’m never alone
Tired and weary my soul may be
But locked inside of you sets me free
Books tables and chairs everywhere a hint of someone who cares
My mind drifts to the places I’ve been
Looking at the pictures framed on the wall
Feels like a dream as I sit and recall
Joyfull times, rooms filled with laughter
Always a Happy ever after !
Oh humble abide
Wrapped in your warmth and shelter
The world may come and go
But inside of you, time passes slow
May my memories never fade as the years go by !
Of your treasures held inside
And as my hair turns another shade of grey
The mere sight of my flowers
Makes my day !
Neatly tucked on my shelf..not far away….
Memories here I have vested
my dearest children
By Louise Minnie

White daisies how friendly you look
You are lighting up the room
You pose openly as if you want to say “I have nothing to hide”
You communicate care to detail
Your pot is so shiny and complimenting your freshness
How I love your presence
Daisies are a winner a compliment to the table

A small oil painting made with care
Varnished, framed.

Materials used:

oil painting on canvas and board


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