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The old man and his wife are so happy to see us
The man said he is now old
And life seems so short
He said: I have now clapping feet

The man was a detective that had to move quiet on the job
But now….?
That is quite a thing!

His lovely wife says lovingly: ‘ If I am ok you will be ok and smiles’
The old man continues:
I can’t hear so well also, and my feet are clapping but the insurance gave me new shoes and gadgets for the ears,
But please speak one by one otherwise the ears get confuse.

The lady said not to worry: The bicycle with the motor get him about without a hurry.
The man smiles and say: Luckily I do not have to be a detective no more
And for clapping feet there is no cure
So the neighbours will have to endure.

So this is what the old man thinks:
Except for non hearing ears
And clapping feet and
A head that refuse to make sentences
All is well
Because age is now his pal!

Varnished to protect against UV light.
Sides painted.
Sent with authenticity certificate and story

Category Painting > Acrylic painting
Subject People and portraits
Substrate Canvas
Materials Acrylic on canvas
Style Impressionistic
Dimensions 76.2 x 76.2 x 6.35 cm (unframed)
Framing Ready to hang
Shipping Profile Canvases 60cm x 60cm
Dispatch Time 5 working days from United Kingdom


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