City of Romance


City of Romance
Dear Venice your charm is like a pot of honey
Millions are flocking to you without thinking of money
The waterways and reflection
A kaleidoscope of affection
A gondula man ready to take
You and spoil you with beauty
And make you feel like a cutie
Oh Venice you are so old
But charm and beauty you behold.
Brides book their day in your belly
And grooms knees go jelly.
May you last forever
With your enchantment so clever
#acrylic #canvassupportedonwood #large #framed #varnished

Category Painting > Acrylic painting
Subject Architecture and cityscapes
Substrate Canvas
Materials Acrylic on canvas on wood
Style Naive
Dimensions 126 x 98 x 2 cm (framed) / 111 x 83 x 0.75 cm (unframed)
Framing Framed and ready to hang
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