Brighten Your Day


Brighten Your Day

To the postbox, I went mid-morning
Where a flat box caught my eager sight.
Inside, flowers lay, per the label clear and bright,
Peonies were revealed as the box was gently peeled,
Pink and closed, their beauty yet concealed.
Placed in a pot, they opened wide,
their beauty blooming, no longer to hide.
Their demeanour was like a greeting in the sun’s first rays,
changing hues from pink to yellow in gradual displays.
Then almost white, a pure delight.
Their evolving beauty, a wondrous sight.
What joy to watch their petals unfold.
Each day a new story, a tale untold.
I couldn’t keep this joy to myself alone.
To the sender who sent them, my gratitude is shown.
Thank you for the flowers that brightened my days.
Their colours and fragrance, a blissful haze. 


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