After the Song, the Masks were gone

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After the Song, the masks were gone 2020
I had a magical dream of a
Moonlight night
Over the island we are
A song came from far
Echoing words of
hope and light
In this troubled and dark times
It was me singing about
New times to come
To be peaceful and rested in love nests filled with health and laughter
A song that command magical white birds to fetch all masks
And carry it away with the virus to the end of world
To a place where there is a deep black hole
So, everyone woke up the next morning
amazed and refreshed and it was if gold dust was tingling in the air.
Everyone knew this morning was different
The nightmare was over
new visions rose on the horizon
Joy was visible in every bone as freedom could be felt.
New beginnings
Covid is gone
And new life could go on, as life would now never be the same.

Varnished and sides painted.


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