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A Friend on the Wall
Please to meet you.
It is so lovely to sit here
You look lovely today.
You see this is now the thing.
I am now always here on the wall,
I am watching you, even if you look away I am still watching.
I know about your rough days, your good days
you can’t hide them from me.
I watch over you.
You know ‘silence is golden’
But I know how hard it can be to go ‘frozen’?
Though, keep this in mind as most of the time the unspoken words restore the road
You can talk to me?
Your deepest secrets is safe.
Give your troubles to me and walk away
That can save the day.! Don’t you think?
My friend, my recommendation is on Put on Leonard Cohen -Susannah, so Long Marianne and Dance the night away.
You have a friend on the wall.
Ready for your call.

Category Painting > Acrylic painting
Subject People and portraits
Substrate Canvas
Materials Acrylic on canvas
Style Naive
Dimensions 76.2 x 101.6 x 1.27 cm (unframed)
Shipping Profile Canvases 100cmx75cm
Dispatch Time 5 working days from United Kingdom


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