The Talk of the Town

An oil and acrylic painting



The Talk of the Town

It all just happened
The talk of the town thing …
It took off in Spring.
I saw the roses in bloom
And decided to wipe the cobwebs and gloom away
So dressed my head in flowers
And suddenly I felt I had new powers
Old and young peered through the windows
Lovers, bachelors, spinsters and widows
All in awe
About what they saw
So here I am using flowers to mesmerize
And emphasise
Life can be changed by being brave.
So soon doors opened, as one by one the village inhabitants dared
To come out ….
Flowers gallore, to share
And from that day on
Spring brings old and young alive
With vision and pride
And a little bit of silliness and laughs in the countryside
How much fun it is to be … talk of the town!

An oil painting framed and ready to dispatch.

Category: Painting > Oil painting
Subject: People and portraits
Substrate Canvas mounted on wood
Materials: Oil paint on canvas on wooden board
Style: Naive
Dimensions: 69.5 x 61 x 3 cm (framed) / 61.3 x 53 x 3 cm (unframed) / 61.3 x 53 cm (actual image size)
Framing: Framed and ready to hang
Shipping: Please enquire for best rates


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