The Gondola Man (Venice)

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It is early morning.
The Gondola man is yawning.
The air is fresh
and he is properly dressed.
He is sitting next to his boat,
texting a friend, feeling a bit remote.
“Here I am, in the bitter cold,
Waiting for tourists, young and old.
They are few and far inbetween.
A thanks to Covid, a real bummer.
Now my kids know what is hunger.
Tourists were plenty, spending like kings and queens.
Students having above their means.
These days, I have to be creative,
To attract anyone evasive.
The gold on my gondola shines so bright,
All clean and inviting, a beautiful sight.
I sing my heart out to couples in love,
About romance and happiness, although feeling rough.
Inside, my heart cries and sighs,
As I see all the deceit and lies.
The world has changed, it’s no longer free,
Now controlled and gloomy, a sight to see.
I dare not speak, for fear of being sued,
My face to one expression glued.
Forgive me, my friend, for dumping my sorrows, on your doorstep,
Maybe I got out of the bed with the wrong leg.
Maybe the sun will shine bright soon again.
A wish that the the world will stay sane.
A place where all will care
and nothing will cause a scare.
So long my friend, until we meet again,
Hoping for better times, free from the poison pen.
Category Painting > Acrylic painting
Subject Architecture and cityscapes
Substrate Canvas
Materials Canvas on board with acrylic paints
Style Impressionistic
Dimensions 92 x 113 x 2.5 cm (framed) / 81 x 101 x 0.12 cm (unframed) / 81 x 101 cm (actual image size)
Framing Framed and ready to hang
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