You and I, my friend are vessels
Sailing from one port to the other
And …in the process we upload and unload bundles onto our vessels
Bundles of joy
Bundles of sorrow
Bundles of regret
Bundles of love
Bundles of disappointment
Bundles of achievement
Bundles of failure
Bundles of pleasure
Sometimes when we move on, leaving some of these bundles
we feel lighter and sometimes heavier
And then damn … we sail back and go and fetch the bundles that should actually have been left behind
Sometimes we have bundles that stay on our boats of life, forever
Too hard to unload and too distressing to leave
Then these bundles of life become part of our boat
You become used to your bundles, content, and you and the bundles become like fossils, part of your vessel.
You have peace with each other. ‘My fossils and I.’
Then over time, we try to undo these ‘fossils,’
And oh dear … what a mistake. There is a hole … the water is gushing in.
Quickly, plug that fossil back, or …… s
Thanks you made the right decision, my dear. Embrace the fossils and move on.
A new adventure might wait in the next harbour of life.
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