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Most Recent Paintings

All paintings on my website are painted by me


Potrait of lady with fashionable glasses


The Birthday Girl (SOLD)

A party of a birthday girl


Romance in the Sunset

Love and Romance at the seaside. Couple on the promenade


The Return of the Love Birds (SOLD)

Portrait of a girl and love Birds


The Very Busy Artist (SOLD)

Town Square with buildings, cafes and people. Artist painting the ladies in queque


Oh, The Joy of Summer

People singing standing around a piano.


In Dark and Gloomy Times

Young man playing guitar and portrait on the wall


We Want to Sing to You (Sold)

Choir sing accompanied by musical instruments

picture of suzette datema

My Paintings Described

We live on an island, therefore nautical themes and seascapes are amongst the most popular subjects chosen by me. Boats, townscapes by the sea and harbour scenes are the artist’s favourite subjects to paint, along landscapes, life-style scenes and umbrellas.

My paintings are naive, colourful and happy, depicting an idyllic universe that invites you to dive in, explore and enjoy. The paintings I submit are such happy paintings, illustrating colourful towns by the water, where the houses are smiling at you and the boat carries you to a fairytale realm.

The bright colours in shades of purple, orange and blue are bold and daring while the black and white contours make up the shapes of the buildings as well as those of the people and the boat.

My motive to ease past the grey rainy days by creating bright paintings full of colour and optimism, that puts a smile on your face.

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